Friends Meeting team for Madison Gospel 5K – July 13, 2024

Madison Gospel 5K, July 13, 2024. 8:15 –10:30am. This 5k and 10k fundraiser for health care has been one action Meeting has taken to be an active anti-racism faith community. From the Gospel 5K website: “For we can all IMPACT our community. We can all ASPIRE* others and ourselves to be our best. Lastly, we all can MOTIVATE each other to achieve greatness. When you put it all together you get I.A.M. … We must continue in faith and in fellowship to shift our mental space to a better place.”

As in past years, Meeting will put together a team and walk together. Contact Sita Diehl or Bob Newbery to join our team. (You’ll find their contact info in the Meeting directory or in the weekly announcements)

*”to want something very much
or hope to achieve something or be successful.”

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