First Day School

Sundays during Meeting for Worship
11:10am – 12:15pm

The First Day Program seeks to nurture young people’s connection to their inner Light and the Meeting community, within a safe and welcoming setting. The program helps young people build friendships and grow in skills of relationship and responsible community life. We remain awake to inner guidance, and trust that children and youth are also guided to receive that which nurtures their lives.

Believing that people learn when curiosity and creativity are engaged, we teach through story, art, group discovery, discussion and service that may nurture that of God in each. We show respect for each participant by supporting differing needs, abilities, emotional development, and learning styles. Each class is taught by two adult Friends who are centered in Quaker life. We believe our lived example is a profound way of passing our tradition along.


  • Ages 0-3: Children engage in unstructured play. Parents are welcome to stay or attend Meeting  for Worship.  
  • Ages 4-6: Children learn Quaker faith and practice through stories, activities, and centering  practices. We seek to nurture community by helping children interact with kindness and respect.  
  • Ages 7-11: Children learn to live Quaker faith and practice. Classes are active, and involve conversations with adult Friends and people of faith, art, games, and centering practices.  
  • Ages 12-18: Through discussion, activities and service projects, youth learn Quaker faith and  practice, build healthy friendships, and serve the wider community.

For more information, email the Children’s Program Coordinator at

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