Worship With Us

Friends gather in silence, seeking connection with the Divine Spirit while attending to their own still center, without clergy or program.

Anyone feeling so led may stand and speak a message inspired by the Divine.

As Quakers we listen, open to the spirit that emerges in what others say.  We leave silence between messages to create time and space for inner reflection.

Messages that follow from earlier ones explore possibilities that the earlier message has unfolded to new speaker.  The spiritual work of listening and extending thought is not about conversation, affirmation, or rebuttal.  It is rather an occasion for spirit to move among members of a Meeting.

Worship continues for about an hour, with children often joining for the final 10-15 minutes, and closes when a designated person shakes hands with those nearby.

Introductions, joys and sorrows, announcements, and fellowship follow.

Madison Weekly Worship Times

Sunday 8:30 am (in person)

Sunday 11:15 am in person and virtually

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Wednesday at 5:30 pm (in person)

MASKS: We ask everyone to wear masks on 4th Sundays during 11:15 worship, to help support Friends with health conditions that require extra caution regarding exposure to contagious viruses. (Some masks are available in the meetinghouse entrance).

in Clyde, Dubuque, Wausau-Merrill, Black Earth, Beloit and Neenah

Other Worship opportunities

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