Letter in support of the Pope’s Call for Ceasefire and Negotiation in Ukraine

Madison Friends Meeting signed on to endorse this letter, created by the Peace in Ukraine Coalition and CODEPINK:

We, the undersigned, are grateful for Pope Francis’ mission mission to secure a peaceful resolution to a war that never should have been launched in Ukraine. 


As people of conscience who value human life, we encourage other religious leaders to support the Pope’s call for a ceasefire and diplomatic resolution to the war in Ukraine.  We also ask that these leaders issue a public call among their congregants to also support a ceasefire.

The war in Ukraine has left hundreds of thousands dead or wounded, uprooted millions, contaminated land, air and war and worsened the climate crisis.

The longer the war drags on, the greater the danger of spiraling escalation, which can lead to a wider war, environmental devastation and nuclear annihilation.

Every day this war continues, more lives are lost, more people become refugees, and the closer we risk a wider conflict and even a nuclear confrontation. 

We understand how difficult this peace mission is, but as members of a diverse group of faith communities we are well-versed in the language of miracles. Whether it is Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus feeding the multitudes, prophet Muhammad (PBOH) sharing the revelations of the Quran or Buddha performing the Miracle at Shravasti, ancient faith traditions draw on works of wonder. The supernatural phenomena in ancient texts inspires us to embrace our convictions that radical devotion to human life can bring miracles, even in the most challenging situations. 

Indeed, as the 86-year-old leader of the world’s smallest country, Pope Francis, models diplomatic efforts urgently needed to end this war before it escalates further. The Pope helped mediate successful prisoner exchanges between Russia and Ukraine. He met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Vatican City to request Zelensky meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.The Pope appointed Cardinal Matteo Zuppi as a peace envoy, and met with leaders of countries that can influence Russia.

As the Pope said, “whatever is built on rubble can never be a true victory … “Let us not get used to conflict and violence. Let us not get used to war.”  

As people of conscience, committed to peace and reconciliation, we join in Pope Francis’ message to “appeal to those in authority over nations to make concrete efforts to end the conflict, to reach a ceasefire and to start peace negotiations.” 

Again, we urge you to talk about the Pope’s ceasefire call in your sermons and other communications within your religious congregation. The fate of the world rests on all of our shoulders. 

May the miracle of peace prevail. 

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