Minute in Support of Bradley Manning

We, the Madison Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), feel led to join the Stillwater Meeting in speaking out against the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning and the handling of his case. For more than three centuries, Quakers have borne witness to the mistreatment of prisoners, and we strongly believe that Private Manning was the victim of mistreatment. Private Manning was incarcerated for over a year without benefit of a preliminary hearing. He is accused of leaking classified military information, including the video Collateral Murder. While people may have different views on the ethics and consequences of whistle-blowing and the apparent misdeeds of the U.S. Military, we contend that the treatment Private Manning has received is unjust and reprehensible, and we believe that fair and humane treatment of all prisoners is essential. We appeal to the conscience of members of the American military and the executive branch to recognize Private Manning’s basic human rights.

Minute approved at Meeting for Business, May 6, 2012

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