Minute to support the Bring Our War $ Home campaign of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

War does not solve problems in a lasting manner. War increases hostility. And at a time in our country when resources are badly needed at home to educate our youth, feed our hungry and develop jobs for our unemployed, it is particularly deplorable that the U.S. continues to be involved in wars that drain our capital and human resources. The billions spent by the U.S. on war last year would have created several millions more jobs within the U.S. economy when invested in health care, education, mass transit, and programs that support returning veterans.

Security lies in our ability to solve problems and meet challenges in creative ways that do not increase the amount of anger and resentment toward us. However, our government chooses to invest the bulk of our financial assets – and even borrow against our children’s futures – in destruction rather than in making our world a good place to live in.

As Quakers we believe that peace is achieved by practicing peace with justice, and that means putting our financial resources toward building a society where all have access to a life that holds promise and an occupation that feeds our spirit. We join with others to call upon our government at all levels to redirect military dollars and personnel toward domestic needs. Our country should inspire admiration rather than provoke fear or distrust. It’s time to start planning the conversion of the U.S. defense economy to alternative civilian uses. We join with other faith traditions in the national campaign to Bring Our War $ Home.

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